Education and training

The basic level training for Guo Lin Qigong teachers includes 300 teaching units. It lasts 18 months and consists of compact weekend seminars. In addition to the practical exercises, students also receive instruction in the corresponding theoretical background. The basic level focuses on the healing stage. Afterwards, there is a further intermediate level training course. In this part, emphasis is put on developing strength and health after overcoming illness using ten exercises. Here focus is shifted away from the wind breathing method towards normal breathing. Hip relaxation also plays an important role in this level. These exercises also involve a greater use of imagination. The slow walking exercise supports a balance between yin and yang. Students also learn the Ba Duan Jin version  of the "New Qigong". 

At the advanced level, the exercises are mainly silent. They are performed while sitting or lying down. Here there is no wind breathing and only normal breathing. The advanced  level also includes the "Game of the 5 Animals" according to the version by Ms. Guo Lin. 

The external healing of a disease in itself is not permanent, so it is important that one's own healing powers and regeneration are kept active through exercise. Only then can the inner healing powers with which nature provided us be revived and strengthened in a sustainable way. To achieve this it is vital that those who practice Guo Lin Qigong develop their techniques through different stages and do not merely persist with the same exercises. The liberation of the mind and the opening of the heart usually arise through advanced practice, allowing the practitioner to tackle the true cause of the illness in order to overcome it. 

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