What is Guo Lin Qigong?

Guo Lin Qigong
Guo Lin Qigong represents a synthesis of the oldest forms of healthcare and therapy. Its system of carefully selected exercises unlocks a wide variety of new applications.  
Its high level of effectiveness means it is used primarily in the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. Following on from its success in China, Guo Lin Qigong has now also achieved widespread worldwide recognition.  

Guo Lin Qigong is closely linked to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Movement exercises are combined with self-massage and voice exercises in a coordinated therapy program. All exercises are easy to learn in a relatively short time and are adapted according to progress and ability. Where required, standing and walking exercises can be complemented by exercises in a sitting or lying position.  
That  is why Guo Lin Qigong is a perfect companion to any kind of medical therapy.  Its practitioners take an active role in their own health and wellbeing and as such can quickly start to feel at least subjectively much better. Ultimately, this leads to a positive attitude towards developing a healthier lifestyle.  
The exercises are surprisingly simple and elementary and is therefore also suitable for the elderly and those suffering from illness. A fine tuned, dynamic system, with possible variations in breathing techniques and movement exercises allows constant adaptation to the individual needs of the patient. The exercises can also be adopted quickly, enabling the patient to gain control over his/her own health. 

These combinations of exercises can also be modified gradually according to the progress and stages of the illness in question.