Guo Lin Qigong was developed by Ms. Guo Lin. Ms. Guo Lin was a  Chinese painter who contracted cervical cancer in 1949. After 6 failed operations, there was no chance of recovery. She remembered the qigong exercises she had learnt as a child from her grandfather in a monastery. She travelled widely in China to meet qigong grandmasters who were able to help her. After  many years of learning and practicing, she developed a new kind of qigong that defeated her cancer. Following this, she started teaching to  help other people with cancer and chronic diseases. In 1971 she began practicing this new type of qigong in the parks of Beijing with the patients. People called it "the New Qigong". This designation was also adopted by Ms. Guo Lin in 1977, when she introduced the Ministry of Health to the success of this form of qigong. Guo Lin Qigong subsequently spread beyond the borders of China in Asia, Canada, the USA and finally also to European countries.

Ms. Wang Li learned "New Qigong" from Ms. Guo Lin in 1979, after she was seriously ill herself. When she recovered after just 2 months, she continued to study with Ms. Guo Lin and was trained by her to be a teacher. She subsequently studied at the "China Academy of Qigong" with Professor Lin Zhong-Peng and at the "Institute of Chinese Medicine". In 1991 she came to Germany and began teaching Gou Lin Qigong there in 1993, after creating  the "Guo Lin Qigong Academy" and a "TCM Academy" in the Eifel with her husband Professor Qiang Miao. Qigong teachers have received a sound training there since 2003. 

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