The graduates of the 2012/13 course decided at a teachers’ meeting in 2014 to found a "European Guo Lin Society" in Bad Münstereifel. All teachers were invited to the inaugural meeting on 05.07.2015, ensuring wide participation.

The association was given an English name "Guo Lin Qigong Association", because many teachers come from neighboring European countries. The founding members believed that Guo Lin Qigong, as a medical variation of qigong, had been underrecognized to date. Many cancer patients as well as patients with chronic illness regretted that they had not become acquainted with Guo Lin Qigong earlier.

As such, the first goal of the "European Guo Lin Society" should be the broader dissemination of this kind of Qigong, which helps promote physical health.

Purpose of the association

According to § 2 of the statutes, the primary purpose of the association is to promote public health through the cultivation and dissemination of Guo Lin Qigong in its traditional and authentic form according to Mrs. Guo Lin. All teachers of the association are required to pass on and impart the learned contents of the individual levels as authentically as possible.
Furthermore, it is a high-ranking goal of the "European Guo Lin Qigong Association" to make known and establish the "system" developed by Mrs. Guo Lin as a medical and therapeutic supplement in medicine.
The European orientation of the association goes beyond the German-speaking area and would like to connect and network the teachers and associations at European level in the future.


The "Guo Lin Qigong Association Europe" is open to all interested people, both trained teachers and people who simply want to support the association actively or passively. 
Membership in the association is not an end in itself for individuals, but always serves the purpose of the association. 
Please download the membership application.

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Please download the statutes of the "Guo Lin Qigong Association Europe".

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